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Bring the Fresh Legit or Not?

Posted by Bring The Fresh on May 16, 2012

Bring the Fresh Scam or Not?

Bring the Fresh has been getting a lot of buzz but does it live up to the hype?  I tried it out myself and wanted to post my review here.  With the harsh economic times nowadays, it is very important for people to get cash whichever way that they can. With the advancement of the Internet, as well as the many business opportunities that are available online, there are many chances to earn additional income through the Web, primarily through online advertising and affiliate marketing. Even novice Internet users can earn additional cash through marketing products online, cash that they can use for additional savings or purchasing personal items for business or for pleasure. Affiliate marketing, however, is not a very easy task. Competition can be tight, especially for niches with high demand. Making products and websites popular in search engines require a lot of time and effort, and it requires patience and determination on the part of the Internet marketer, and even then you might not even rank on the first part of search engines such as Google. Search engine optimization can be a really fickle thing, and without the knowledge and expertise in this field, all your efforts may be for naught, costing you a lot of time and work without reaping the rewards that you feel that you might deserve.  Fortunately, Bring the Fresh shows you the steps to succeed.


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What is Bring the Fresh?

Unlike other instructional SEO guides, Bring the Fresh doesn’t market any particular software or tool, because they do not make a profit out of that. Rather, what they are selling is expert advice on how to take advantage of SEO in order to carve a good niche in the market. Through their webinars, creators Kelly Felix and Mike Long will teach users the fundamentals of SEO, and how they will be able to make their affiliate marketing campaigns successful.  Kelly Felix and Mike Long are people who have made millions through online businesses, and through Bring the Fresh, they are able to share their secrets and techniques to those who would purchase their product. Through this guide, they will teach you how to create websites the Bring the Fresh way, as well as how to optimize backlinking activities as well as finding the perfect keyword and niche to maximize potential marketing opportunities.

What’s even better is that the Bring the Fresh videos are displayed over the shoulder, meaning that they will not only teach you how SEO works, but they will show you exactly how they do it. Through the program, Kelly and Mike will give you a blow by blow account of how they met success through online advertising by showing you their exact methods that you can copy or adapt according to your specific needs. This is a very good and unique approach as you will be shown each step in the Bring the Fresh system, exactly in the way that experts do it.

Bring the Fresh Features

With Bring the Fresh, you will be well informed regarding the ins and outs of SEO and affiliate marketing in general. By following their rules and guidelines, users are almost guaranteed their first sales in ClickBank, AdSense, or other similar companies in no time. There are a lot of success stories and testimonials that prove that the Bring the Fresh method is very effective and efficient in making websites that much more popular. The Bring the Fresh Webinar also teaches you how to find the perfect market niche by finding the keyword with the best available opportunities.

Bring the Fresh keeps you informed in the entire SEO process, from conceptualization to the actual implementation phase. It provides a realistic, no frills approach to your campaign that you will surely be able to appreciate. Bring the Fresh does not promise millions overnight, but it does guarantee moderate to high levels of success. All it takes is a little knowledge and a lot of hard work and determination. Bring the Fresh teaches its users that, equipped with the right tools and attitude, anyone, from novices to experienced marketers, can earn possibly hundreds of dollars a week of extra income through affiliate marketing.

Bring the Fresh is a direct approach to earning money through affiliate marketing. Through direct teaching methods and actual demonstrations on how to go about building websites and doing backlinking, you will feel as if there are actual coaches and advisers right beside you, teaching you the right strategies on how to go about your online advertising campaign.  Bring the Fresh is a complete system and total education to start succeeding right away.


For a very minimal feel you can get the Bring the Fresh Webinar, and you will also be able to contact Kelly Felix and Mike Long directly, as well as communicate with people who have used and have found success using the Bring the Fresh method. Through them, you will be more informed, and armed with more knowledge on how to use everything you have learned to rake in the cash, and bring in the dollars for you and your family. With Bring the Fresh, you will have a new and exciting opportunity to bring in a lot of extra income with this very fresh industry of Internet marketing.


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Bring the Fresh Review – Does It Really Work?

Posted by Bring The Fresh on May 13, 2012

Bring the Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh is a system that generates traffic to your website day and night. It is a membership program where you can make money as an affiliate while your website is on its way to the top of every search engine. When this happens, it will provide you with an income stream under autopilot. There are a few steps to follow to reach the target and you can even create multiple websites once there is traffic and an incoming profit from the one website that you formerly have. Mike Long and Kelly Felix are the two geniuses behind this system. Long generated millions of dollars through niches like gaming, dating, and internet marketing. He is the brain of StomperNet that had a fourteen million dollar day. Felix is the one who created Rich Jerk which became an eight figure business that he launched a few years ago. These two are also always available in the webpage forum and they even answer questions that consumers have regarding Bring the Fresh.


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The website of Bring the Fresh displays a video of Kelly Felix giving proof about how he created a website that gets $500 in a month on autopilot and how this website got top rankings on search engines. The website also displays testimonials and comments from people who have been using the system and how successful they have become. You can even check out their websites yourself and see how they appear on the first page of search engines by using Bring the Fresh system.

What’s in Bring the Fresh?

For $47 one could get Bring the Fresh product with the lifetime membership. The package includes a fast start training guide with fast start training videos and other bonus videos and reading materials. By purchasing the product and becoming a member, one also gets unlimited access to the members’ forum where they can even interact with the makers of the program. The forum is very active that it gives prompt answers to every question and offers help in different situations related to the product. The system promotes a step-by-step blueprint to be successful online marketing by using search engine optimization techniques, affiliate marketing, research, video marketing, copywriting, pay per click advertising, product creation, e-bay listing and e-commerce, product launch, and other techniques. All these are presented in a Bring the Fresh video tutorial by Long and Felix.

Aside from being a foolproof and well-tested blueprint to internet marketing success, every newbie and exactly everyone who gets the Bring the Fresh system gets the chance to learn under two internet marketing gurus. These two great men will teach you from the very beginning of buying a domain, setting up hosting and finally getting the webpage on the top of search engines. The system would not make you rich overnight but it can do you more good. You will get to learn valuable things that will make you rich for a very long time. The system is so simple that even newcomers in this trend can understand how it works but even pros can learn something new. You can easily reach support by emailing or entering the forum. Another good thing about Bring the Fresh is that although it is focused on SEO, the buyers also get to learn other things and techniques. The Bring the Fresh system could teach you how to generate competitive keywords, how to use videos and turn it into a business, or learn internet marketing strategies. The confidence of the makers of Bring the Fresh is seen in the greatest advantage of the product which is the 60-day money back guarantee.

Bring the Fresh 2012 offers tutorials on how their clients can market their services locally as consultants and how they can capitalize on fast-moving trends. Bring the Fresh is updated on a regular basis and this is good for people who want to make a fast start and who are not looking for an overnight success but those who are willing to put on effort over a system that promises sure success.

Bring the Fresh Conclusion

Bring the Fresh is not some kind of scheme to get rich quickly and it is not based around an idea to exploit loopholes. This does not guarantee to make someone a millionaire next week. The system only uses legal search engine optimization techniques and affiliate marketing tactics with general sales strategies to get the buyers to learn and have their webpage on a high rank in search engines. The Bring the Fresh system is simple enough but the developers are still in an active effort to teach everyone and they can be reached over the members’ forum or even by email. They are not just some researchers with great educational background. The developers are proven to be great internet marketers with products that have been searched for and used by a lot of people. All reviews have been great testimonies about how the system actually works, how people get money from it with their own effort to learn the effective system, and how the upgraded Bring the Fresh keeps on coming only to make greater things possible for internet marketers, new ones and pros.


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